General requirements:

It must be verified that all players who take part in the activities are in possession of a valid medical certificate for competitive / non-competitive sporting activity, with reference to the legal protocols and recommendations of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation.

Team and contact activities:

Pursuant to current legislation, a super green pass is required to carry out team and contact sports activities, using dressing rooms and gyms. Therefore, in the absence of the super green pass, the aforementioned activities cannot be carried out. Super green pass holders are not required to test (swabs) aimed at participating in events (training or competitions).

Covid 19 legislation for entry from abroad

Starting from March 1st and until March 31st 2022, entry into Italy, regardless of the country of origin (EU or non-EU), provided that no symptoms of Covid-19 arise, is allowed under the following conditions:

a) presentation to the carrier at the time of boarding and to anyone responsible for carrying out checks on the digital Passenger Locator Form by viewing from their mobile device or in hard copy;

b) presentation to the carrier at the time of boarding and to anyone appointed to carry out checks on one of the COVID-19 green certifications referred to in Article 9, paragraph 2, of the decree-law of 22 April 2021 no. 52 (basic green pass: from vaccination, from healing or negative outcome from a molecular swab carried out in the seventy-two hours prior to entry into Italy, or from an antigenic swab carried out in the forty-eight hours prior to entry into Italy), or other certification certifying the conditions referred to in the aforementioned article 9, paragraph 2, recognized as equivalent according to provisions adopted by the Ministry of Health and in the terms of duration established by the European regulations in force on the subject (9 months for the EU green pass for vaccination)

In case of failure to present the basic green pass, or equivalent certification, the quarantine measure is applied at the address indicated in the digital Passenger Locator Form, for a period of five days, with the obligation to undergo a molecular test or antigenic, carried out by means of a swab, at the end of said period. The required certifications can be exhibited in digital or paper format