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1 How can I register for the tournament ?
Via the registration form which can be found on the tournament website. registration form
2Which payments are necessary and when, to register a team for the tournament ?
You will find all the information on the page Terms and conditions
3Is it necessary to send a separate confirmation of payment to the EGORF federation?
A confirmation for all payments along with a filled-in and signed registration form should be sent only to the organizer via e-mail (info@egor2021.it).
4What constitutes a complete registration?
1. A fully filled-in registration form, signed and sent to the organizer via e-mail;
2. Making payments for the individual registration fees (for 30% of the participants) and team registration fee by April 30, 2022;
3. A confirmation of payment for the EGORF registration fee made by March31, 2022;
4. A balance of payment for the individual registration fees by 31th March 2022 (the remaining amount : the difference between the number of registered players minus the number of individual registrations).
5What if I miss the designated payment deadlines?
For all payments made after the deadlines, an increase in the fee for individual registration is applied which, in this case, amounts to €10 per participant.
6What if there is too much interest in the tournament?
In case of excessive interest, teams that have paid their team registration fee and EGORF registration fee by March 31, 2022 have precedence. After this deadline, precedence is determined according to the date of application if the registration is valid.
7Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
You can contact the organizers directly at info@egor2021.it
8What does the Festival Package include ?
2 spectacular Rugby Days with at least 3 games per day

Team Parade and welcome party at the historic venue in Verona, “Palazzo della Gran Guardia” with buffet food, complimentary drinks and live entertainment.

Farewell dinner party, featuring sit-down meal, presentation of awards and live entertainment

Shuttle transfers from the indicated arriving points and hotels, from the hotels to the playing fields(and back), from the hotels to the welcome party (and back), from the hotels to the Farewell Dinner (and back).

EGORF 2022 Memorabilia Team Gift

Discounts on vouchers to Visit the Museums and City Tourist Tours .

Food and drink points close to the game fields with special fares.
9what is my level of play ?
Competitive / Semi Competitive - for teams composed mainly of 35-50
Fun players - for teams with a few under 50 and some over 60
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The Organizer reserves the right to review and modify all terms and conditions not defined by the rules and by the contract agreed with the EGORF Federation