From a handful of people written in a handkerchief from 1987, the Old Verona Rugby, back in 1989, saw its birth with a team of daring and ex-ex players, who still had too much desire to continue the journey of the game and to then there was a very interesting path and growth.

In 1989 the first game, the formation, on tour, of the High Business School of Harward, the Old Boys, were hosted in the historic field of Gavagnin, the game was lost, but in that terrain a team of lions was born.

Arnaldo Baruffolo

From the first steps of the EGOR the Old Verona Rugby has participated with interest and passion

Since the first steps of EGOR, Verona Rugby has always participated with interest and passion: in 1992, the experience was made at the 1st European Festival in S’Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

In 1993, with many matches played, Verona Rugby was one of the most active clubs in Italy, spreading the “Old” movement. Yet in 1993 it was the first “Old” club to organize a charity meeting for the benefit of a girl in need of a double transplant. In 1994, Verona Rugby participated to the first world festival, hosted in Dublin and in the same year to the 2nd European Festival, in Heidelberg, Germany.
In 1995, the nomination of Verona, for the 3rd European Festival was announced: “I Cangrandi” was born in 1996 from May 9th to 12th the participating teams expressed themselves in 4 days of glory in Verona: 24 participating teams, 1000 guests both athletes and families, a perfect example of an organizing machine that dispensed joy, friendship and solidarity.

With this European Festival, our group was growing and strengthening: in the following years it participated to all disputed European Festivals, Aberdeen 1998 in Scotland, Moscow 2000 was not disputed, in 2002 we went to Split in Croatia, in 2004 to Benidorm in Spain, in 2006 it was the time of Zurich in Switzerland, in 2008 in Madeira and in 2010 we flew to Wales.

In 2012 the Veronese team a Trieste with euphoria, friendship and the willingness to have fun with this new one young group from Cangrandi iron and fire the city, participate in all events and events, organizes tours of local businesses and monuments and in the field excels for his own ability to face opponents a open face, especially those with purple shorts to which they reserve a true respect treatment. All this means that the Cangrandi are the first and still the only Italian team to take home the prestigious ‘’ Relic Cup ’’ and write your own on it first name. This very important achievement yes, in the following years, yes organize several trips and matches both with Italian teams and international and continue with all the adventures of Europeans, 2013 Prague, 2015 San Sebastian, 2017 Lisbon e 2019 Split.


The meaning

In 1200, Verona and its provinces were ruled by a powerful lordship, the Scaligeri. Their kingdom covered much of northern Italy, all the way down to Tuscany. It was an enlightened and powerful kingdom. Even Dante, the greatest Italian poet, was their guest for a long time.

Cangrande della Scala was one of the most enlightened princes of this dynasty. His famous statue on horseback, from which we took the logo, dates back to the 1300s . Cangranded smiles and has his face has an expression of goodness and peace. The Cangrande statue is in the Castelvecchio Museum. The tombs of the Scaligeri (Arche) are next to Piazza dei Signori. in Verona.

The Cangrandi team logo